Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Joining Up

Anne Arundel County Public Library is very pleased to announce our participation in the statewide Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 - 23 Things project. The statewide program runs from June 4 - August 31, 2007. Our pilot group, consisting of members of New Technology and Staff Development Committees ,will take part this summer, and we will open the project to additional staff this fall. Registration closes on June 4, 2007 for the Pilot group. Hurry and register now!

Program Registration
To begin this program, please register here.
You can cancel your registration anytime.

CEUs and Prizes
You can earn 1.8 CEUs by completing this program.

Please contact your liaison, Joanne Trepp if you have questions about this project. Don't forget that she is not the instructor, though, as we encourage you to visit each other's blogs for ideas and help with the technologies.

Thing 4 Details
To complete Thing #4, you'll need to Register Your Blog. Please use your WORK email address, as registration is monitored. Remember that your blog address can be anonymous on your blog, but your liaison needs to know the address so you can be added to our Participant Blog List. She will also need your completed Tracking Log at the end of the project. You don't want to miss out on CEUs or prizes! Scroll down to see a list of our pilot group's blogs.

Week 3 Tips
Setting up Flickr so you can post directly to your Blogger site

- Log into your Flickr account
- Click on the “You” tab
- From the menu that drops down, choose “Your Account”
- Choose the tab “Extending Flickr”
- Under the area “Your Blogs” click on “Configure Blogs”
- Click on “Set Up Your Blog”
- Choose “Blogger Blog”
- Flickr will tell you to go set up your account, click on the link that says “Head over to Google now”
- This will open a window that asks you to log into your Blogger account. Log in with the same email/password you use to access your Blog.
- Click on “Grant Access”
- Click on “All Done”
- Click on the link that will take you back to set up on Flickr

After that is done, it will ask if you want to set up a blogging template. This allows you to choose the size of your picture thumbnail and where it will appear in your blog entry and make this your default setting.

After you have done this, you can find a picture in your account, and above the picture it will say “Blog This!” When you click on that picture, it will take you to blog entry page. Flickr will post your image, whatever caption you have typed below the image in Flickr, and then the blog entry you can now enter on this screen. (Thanks to Sam for providing these tips!)

Our Participant Blog List
In addition to this list, don't forget to check out the blogs from other libraries statewide. You have the opportunity to work with lots of library staff across Maryland.